Stroller Trio Viva


Modern and visually minimalistic stroller with perfect design, extremly spacious carrycot, high quality suspension, light and easyfolding frame. It is suitable for short daily walks and also for longer family trips, as the baby will sleep peacefully or will be enthusiastically observing the suroundings. The perfect comanion for every modern mom.
• aluminium frame,
• five-point adjustable harness system,
• max-click plug in system,
• anti-shock system with double amortization on front wheels,
• central brake,
• gel wheels,
• stiff adjustable shock absorbing system,
• handle for carrying the folded frame,
• height adjustable eco-leather wraped handle,
• swivel front wheels with go straight blockade,
• adjustable back rest for carrycot and seating unit,
• reversible carrycot and seating unit,
• multilevel adjustable canopy for carrycot and seating unit,
• soft matress and eco leather wrapped adjustable footrest,
• ventilation in carrycot and seating unit,
• double visor,
• accessoires: mummy bag with changing matt, leg cover for carrycot and seating unit, spacious shopping basket with zipper, mosquito mesh and cup holder.